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Courses in poster design

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  • How can I convey my message clearly in my poster?
  • Which font type should I use?
  • Which font size should I use for best readability?
  • How do I use MS PowerPoint to create my poster?
  • How do I avoid pixel distortion?


Enrol for our poster design course for the answer to these questions! We will give to tips and advice on creating a poster in PowerPoint. Bring your own material to the course for use in the practice session. After the course you can send us the poster for printing (see prices below). You´ll have 20% discount on Your first print-out after You´ve finished the course.


At the moment we don´t give courses for individuals. You can book a group and decide date for the course in cooperation with us


Ordinary prices for printing posters:

100x70 cm - 690 kr

100x135 cm - 975 kr



Contact us for more information.







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